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Watching this Video Feels Like Landing on Mars at Breakneck Speed

This video takes you on a virtual descent from orbit into the so-called Distributary Fan on Mars, located just northeast of Holden Crater. Using imagery from the Mars Orbiter and the Mars Global Surveyor, this visualization shows where liquid water probably flowed across the Martian surface in the past.

[Source: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio, and NASA/JPL/MSSS ]


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What I was doing when I read the title which told me to stop what I was doing, was reading the title. So I stopped (what I was doing).

I think what the title should be to get the desired effect is:

"Read This Damn Title - It's Awesome! And Then Watch This NASA Video Zooming In On Mars - Because It's Awesome Too!"

(and it is) (awesome that is).