Stop What You're Doing And Check Out This Animated African Fantasy

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Spider Stories is a new fantasy series based on pan-African culture and mythology. Created by John and Charles Agbaje, this series raised $30,000 on Kickstarter to film a pilot a couple years ago, and now here's the first teaser for the finished product. And it looks amazing.


The above clip shows a sequence where Princess Zahara is being pursued through the Spirit World by the Hawk Army, but her Drummer sidekick comes up with an idea for how to escape.

Here's the synopsis for the entire series:

Spider Stories follows the tale of Princess Zahara who is thrown into hiding after the royal family is overthrown by a corrupt neighboring kingdom. While traveling with a misfit caravan of merchants she meets a wandering drummer griot who introduces her to the spirit world. Armed with a mystical staff, the fearless princess embarks on quest to reconnect with the spirits, reunite her homeland, and reclaim the throne.


[via Shadow And Act]

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It has an Avatar: The Last Air bender feel to it. Which makes me wish that Konietzko and DiMartino would create a cartoon universe built around the many different African cultures and myths like they did with the Asian cultures and myths found in Avatar. How amazing would that be? Maybe hire John and Charles Agjabe to be co-poducers since they have the seed already.