You can never get enough dinosaurs in space, and that's why indie filmmaker Larry Arpin spent the last several years filming his dinotastic space opera Galactic Raiders in the deepest California desert. The whole flick is done old-school, from the Ray Harryhausen-style, stop-motion dinos, to the retro Mitchell camera he filmed with. And the plot is pure pulp. Rymir zooms to a distant planet (full of dinos, whom he fights in this clip) to rescue his girlfriend from the evil Acastus.

Arpin follows in the tradition of the great Arch Hall, Sr., director of caveman drive-in flick Eegah! by casting his son in the film. Though Arpin's kid doesn't get the starring role like Arch Hall, Jr. In fact, Arpin says of son Joseph:

To my surprise and delight, he did a great job and memorized his lines quickly and efficiently.


Wow, thanks dad. Might want to stick to stop-motion dinosaur fights and stay away from the "compliments" department for a while.

My point is: It's dinosaurs — in space! And I want it now — on DVD!

Galactic Raiders [official site] (Thanks, excellent giant monster fan averyguerra!)

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