Stop Everything and Look at the Greatest Science Cake Ever

This is possibly the greatest thing I have ever seen, in cake form. It's a scientifically-accurate planet cake, complete with actual inner layers that make a beautiful cutaway diagram just like you used to bake in your geophysics of cooking courses.


Look! Earth even has a magma layer.

These cakes were created by Rhiannon from Cakecrumbs, and she's even created a special tutorial video so you can make any planet or asteroid you want. I'd like a Europa cake, with a crispy white sugar-ice crust and a chocolate-dark ocean beneath, with a nice red velvet core. Actually, I have no idea how a true cake geologist would translate Europa's ocean and core into dessert, but chocolate and red velvet just sound so good.

[via Wait Wow; h/t Brian Switek]

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