When I first saw the words "Blade Runner 2," I imagined it was somebody's zany comedy pitch, along the lines of Hamlet 2. I pictured Steve Coogan running around, exploding in a creative frenzy as he figures out the space-time warp that could bring back Roy Batty β€” maybe there could be a whole half-hour sequence where Roy Batty stands in the rain and lists more stuff he's seen! β€” and Sexy Jesus could turn out to be a Replicant. Sadly, Blade Runner 2 is not a joke, it's a real project that apparently has one of the original Blade Runner producers involved. The good news is, no studio has yet signed on. Update: Apparently it's definitely not happening. Yay! Apparently, the co-writers of Eagle Eye β€” Travis Wright and John Glenn β€” have been working pretty seriously on a treatment for a Blade Runner sequel for a couple of years, according to Slashfilm. They told an audience during a Q&A after an Eye screening that they've already been in touch with original Runner producer Bud Yorkin (or possibly are already working with him). And they've been working with a "previsualization team" on some hunter action sequences for when they pitch this to the studio. And Slashfilm notes that Wright and Glenn have worked with Ridley Scott's brother Tony on some projects in the past, so they may have an "in" with the Ridley.


Let's hope reason prevails and whoever actually owns the rights to Blade Runner sees what a prodigious waste of money a sequel would be. There are some stories that just don't need to be continued. The only thing that would make this more horrifying is if Harrison Ford turned out to be interested in reprising his role somehow. Addendum: This is what I get for rushing off to a screening of Blindness and not checking back on the comment thread of this post. Apparently Glenn popped up and said the Blade Runner sequel was shelved ages ago, and he doesn't know why it's still being talked about. [Slashfilm]