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Cosplay, it's a burgeoning trend in the criminal community. Hell, a fellow in New Zealand was recently sentenced to eight years for robberies while dressed up like Casper The Friendly Ghost. (Honestly, if you're going to dress up as a Harvey Comics character to freak people out, Baby Huey is the way to go).


And if cosplay is not being used for misdeeds, it's the victim. Recently, a bandit purloined a a Bigfoot costume from a vacant house in Erie, Colorado. This news then proceeded to make The Denver Post:

The homeowner said copper piping leading to the home's water heater and baseboards had been ripped out.

Also, the homeowner's bigfoot costume was taken from a closet.

It's not known how much the piping cost. But the bigfoot costume is estimated to be worth at least $120, Mathis said.

He said the homeowner didn't indicate what he used the costume for or how long it had been in his possession.

According to Lt. Mathis, "[police] are assuming it is a full-sized adult costume" and that residents should call authorities if a man-ape is spotted trundling around the neighborhood. In my opinion, police should arrest the guy whose house was broken into. Storing your monster costume in a spooky house = classic Scooby Doo villain maneuver.

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