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Stoke the It Hype With This Inexplicably Creepy Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Image: New Line Cinema
Image: New Line Cinema

Early buzz for the new adaptation of Stephen King’s It is good. Really good, in fact, and if you can’t stand to wait any longer you can at least view this oddly atmospheric behind-the-scenes footage in the meantime.


The footage, via the YouTube channel for pop culture site We Got This Covered, is pretty straightforward, about eight minutes of shooting and production footage from the new film, with a particular focus on the cast of young actors playing the The Losers’ Club who square off against the evil clown Pennywise.

But there’s something unsettling about the whole thing. Maybe it’s the long black cuts between segments, or just the nature of what they’re shooting, but as I watched this I was unnerved. Who knew a behind-the-scenes featurette could be so eerie?


The film comes out on September 8th. The featurette is below.

[YouTube, h/t ScreenCrush]

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This is sounding a lot more promising than The Dark Tower. Please, PLEASE be good - I’d rather not suffer more disappointment this year as far as King adaptations go.