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Image: Vertical Entertainment
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The plot of the new independent horror film Still/Born is every mother’s worst nightmare.


Mary and Adam are excited about having twins. However, only one of the babies survives. Then, if that’s not bad enough, the couple begins to get a sense that something isn’t right with the surviving child. Or maybe Mary is just really messed up from the loss.

We’re excited to exclusively debut the creepy trailer for Still/Born, directed by Brandon Christensen, starring Christie Burke, Jesse Moss, and Rebecca Olson. It’ll be in theaters and on-demand February 9.

The mother haunted by her child. The internal madness driving her. You see the seeds of Rosemary’s Baby and The Shining, yes? Now, will this movie live up to those two iconic films? Highly doubtful. Few movies do. But that trailer is unsettling in the best possible way and sets the bar for the rest of the movie pretty damn high. Plus, if that’s not enough, check out this poster, which channels another iconic horror classic.

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Still/Born opens February 9.

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