Stick Your Arm Inside A Cow's Stomach. No, Seriously

Wanna see what the inside of a living cow looks like, mid-digestion? Well thanks to these fistulated cows, you can stick your arm right inside and grab some half-chewed grass. Video evidence awaits.

Fistulated cows aren't anything new. In fact, Michigan State (among other vet schools) has had then for years. But to us city folk, this video and photos are down right disturbing. Oh well, let's stick some kids in there in the name of science:


A fistula is a hole directly that is cut directly into the stomach, and apparently pretty wide open! Scientists use the peep hole to study the intestinal inner workings of cows. The study is actually used not only to learn more about digestion, but also for stomach cancer research.


But don't fret: apparently fistulated cows live longer than ordinary mooers. Not because they're not being turned into meat, but because they clearly have no shame, with their insides on display like that.


[Slightly Warped via Geekologie]

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