Steven Universe's Best Song Now Has Its Own Fantastic, Heartwarming Official Music Video

Image: Still via Youtube

“Stronger Than You” is perhaps Steven Universe’s best-known song, and is certainly one of its most beloved—a funky ode to the power of love that defines the series’ core themes. Cartoon Network took to Comic-Con last weekend to give the song its own music video, and it’s a lovely tribute to the show’s fans.

In the show, the song—performed by Garnet voice actor and UK singer Estelle—is about Garnet’s affirmation that the loving relationship that forms her as a person (a fusion between two other Gems, Sapphire and Ruby) is a bond that can triumph against anything that would attempt to deny it. In the music video, filmed at Comic-Con in front of a crowd of cosplaying fans, it’s a testament to the community that’s formed around the series’ messages of tolerance and compassion.

It’s pretty damn heartwarming, to say the least.


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