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Steven Universe Tells Us That the Answer to All Our Questions is Love—But It's Also Fandom

When last week’s “Steven Bomb” of Steven Universe episodes began, it offered love as the real answer to many fans’ questions about the history of Garnet. But in “Log Date 7 15 2", we got an alternative answer to those questions, and it was so meta, it might as well have been a love letter to fandom as a whole.


Spoilers ahead, of course!

The overriding question on people’s minds is really just how Peridot will integrate into the Crystal Gems now that she’s essentially betrayed Homeworld and join the team in wanting to defend Earth. The answer? By having Peridot essentially become a hilarious stand-in for fandom in general. It was pretty adorable. She gets so many hilarious moments as she inquisitively explores the world around her (mainly by pushing Greg off a roof to see if he would live) as part of her personal logs, but the absolute highlight is when she falls wildly in love with a single episode of a Canadian soap opera, right down the the point that she’s writing her own fan theories and drawing up a literal shipping chart of the most perfect couplings:

In the background throughout all of this is Garnet, who is a witness to many of Peridot’s kooky investigations, and ultimately. the focus of it, as she seeks to understand both fusion and why Garnet desires it constantly. Shaken by years of Homeworld teaching her that fusion without purpose is wrong, it’s ultimately through her newfound fan-self that Peridot learns to appreciate Garnet’s internal relationship as Ruby and Sapphire. It was a sweet, appropriately dorky way for Peridot to get her “bonding” moment with Garnet, and a fantastic way to end this week of episodes.


Now, how much longer do we have to wait for more?

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Now, bring on the Regular Show bomb! Yeah! ... What? I like that show too ...