Steven Universe, Teen Titans Go!, and More Are Teaming Up For New Anti-Bullying Episodes

Illustration for article titled iSteven Universe/i, iTeen Titans Go!/i, and More Are Teaming Up For New Anti-Bullying Episodes

October is National Bullying Prevention month, and as part of their seventh annual initiative to promote awareness, Cartoon Network has announced that it’s recruiting some of its most beloved shows for a month-long block of special episodes to encourage kids to stand up to bullying.

Spearheaded by Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar—who will take part in a series of videos for Cartoon Network’s social channels promoting expressing yourself through art and creativity—the initiative will see a new hour-long programming slot air every Saturday in October featuring new stories from Steven Universe, Teen Titans Go!, The Amazing World of Gumball, Clarence, and We Bare Bears that focus on championing positive relationships and teamwork. In between, Cartoon Network will run small spots featuring audience contributions highlighting actions viewers can take to prevent bullying.

It’s not clear yet whether that means multiple new episodes from each show or one new batch repeated every Saturday, but hey—getting some new material from these great shows and promoting a healthy social message is pretty great either way.



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We are living in interesting times here in the US. On the one hand, there’s campaigns like this and others spreading the message of anti-bullying and on the other hand, there’s Trump picking on someone and his supporters think this is completely acceptable behavior when he should just stick to his supposed goal to “Make America Great Again”.

So what’s the real message we are sending to the kids in this country?