Steven Universe Is Ending Next Week, Watch the Trailer For the Finale

From the last episodes of Steven Universe Future.
From the last episodes of Steven Universe Future.
Image: Cartoon Network
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It’s over, isn’t it?

Steven Universe Future, the epilogue series to Steven Universe and the capper on the series as a whole, ends next Friday, with a four-part finale special on Cartoon Network. It’s the end of a long journey, and a strange and stressful time in Steven Universe Future particularly. Future is a very different creature from the main series, dealing largely with Steven’s struggles to find himself after the events of “Change Your Mind.” It’s become a stark story of the struggles of adolescence and the challenge of recovering from trauma. And now this journey, too, is ending.

Cartoon Network released a short trailer for the finale, which focuses heavily on the history of the show that’s brought it to this point. But it does include some new footage, including what looks to be a moment that picks up roughly where the last episode left off.


The end is coming for Steven Universe. I’m... not ready.

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Odd how Jasper, of all gems, was the one who addressed the elephant in the room when it came to Steven’s powers, and his anger issues. I couldn’t help but agree with her frankness to a degree (she is still unable to value others for anything other than strength or power, so there). She was like that terrible frenemy most of us meet at least once in life, that eggs us into doing what feels like the right thing, but in the wrong way.

I’m glad it appears she’ll be involved in the final episodes too, but if the last two episodes are telling me anything is that this could touch darker territory, before it sees light. I mean, how would you feel if you had murdered someone? Steven didn’t know he was going to pull a miracle there, so even with the relief it may have brought, he has to deal now with the fact that he did something he wouldn’t have forgiven if someone else did it. That’s difficult trauma to deal with.