Steven Universe Finally Returns to TV in June

The life of a Steven Universe fan is one punctuated by moments of great fun when the show is actually on, followed by huge periods of sadness while waiting for it to return (as is the case right now, since the last episode aired in January). But now we know when Steven and the Crystal Gems are coming back, and it’s not the only good news!


Revealed exclusively by Entertainment Weekly, Steven Universe will return to Cartoon Network in June, seemingly for a run of weekly episodes, rather than the recent “multiple episodes in a single week” format (referred to as a “Steven Bomb” by the show’s creators). June through August will be dubbed the “Summer of Steven.”

The other good news? The show is sticking around for the foreseeable future, as Cartoon Network announced that the series has been renewed for both a fourth and fifth season (its return in June will be for its third season). So there’s a lot more adventures to be had with Steven and the Crystal Gems. Hooray!

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WE ARE THE NITPICK GEMS: In production terms, we’re only halfway through season 2 at this point. Season 2 is 52 11-minute episodes, and the show has only aired 25 of those so far.

I wonder if this means CN will air the rest of S2 along and move right into S3 episodes during the summer. This would require them to air more than one ep per week, but they can probably do that since the crew will have been producing new episodes for half a year without any airing.

Or maybe “Season 3" is just being used for marketing purposes here, and it will actually consist of the second half of season 2.

Why does this matter? It kind of doesn’t. But I’ve been keeping track of the season order to see when they get to the end, as I really want to see how they try and top S1's amazing finale, Jailbreak.