Steven Spielberg wants Thor to star in Robocalypse

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This may be the first real indication that Robocalypse will actually get made. Rumor has it Steven Spielberg already has an actor in mind for the lead: Chris Hemsworth.


Deadline is reporting that the famous director is actively pursuing Thor himself to star in his adaptation of Daniel H. Wilson's book (a movie so big that Dreamworks had to get extra funding from Fox studios). The film, which takes during a bloody apocalyptic robot uprising (hence the title) is tentatively scheduled to be released on April 25, 2014.

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I assume with a big name star like this, we can expect this one to give up the episodic, ensemble-piece nature of the novel, can't we? Because there isn't really ONE lead in the book - with Hemsworth taking over the part of Cormac Wallace (I assume), I guess the film will focus much more on him than the novel.

I liked the feel of a global diary of the events in the novel that just happens to have Wallace in an important position....