Steven Spielberg is making a live action Halo series

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You're finally getting that live-action Halo you've been clamoring for, and it's going to be produced by Steven Spielberg. Poor Neill Blomkamp.


Xbox announced during their big reveal that a Halo series is in the works, but for Xbox Live only:


The live-action TV series will be based around the video game franchise Halo, and will be called World of Halo. So yay for a Halo show — it can't be any worse than Terra Nova... right?

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OT, I know, but was anyone else just a little bummed out at the way Cortana got babed-out over the course of the series?

I mean, in the first game, she's clearly supposed to be a sort of anthropomorphic AI person, but by Halo 4 she's basically a nekkid lady in phosphorescent body paint. Not that I have a problem with that kind of thing in general, but it sort of disappointed me that she went from being your partner who was your equal or better in terms of agency and intelligence to a sex symbol that you had to rescue in the later games.