Steven Spielberg Is Developing A Minority Report TV Series

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Release the robot spiders! Steven Speilberg is developing a Minority Report pilot over at Amblin television. A PreCrime police procedural? Sure, we can see it. But will it start off by falsely accusing Chief John Anderton as a crime, or not?


The Wrap is reporting that the Philip K. Dick-inspired movie is slowly being turned over for a series. Allegedly, the series will follow the PreCrime unit and the various crimes they solve before they happen (thanks to their tub full of future-seeing kids). The series has hired Godzilla writer Max Borenstein to pen the pilot and hopes to land a big name lead to spearhead the series.

There's kind of a glut of near-future and supernatural procedurals right now, so Minority Report will have to work a bit harder to stand out. Then again it already has name recognition, which is good. We shall see.

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Interesting as this could be, I sort of see this as being another thing like Almost Human.

Almost Human was basically "I, Robot" the TV series, and it was great in concept...but it was so muddled and just didn't really pull it off very well because of the lack of focus and direction. Great actors though.

I think this would probably go in the same direction, especially if they have to fill all that time between "Pre-crime is created" and "pre-crime is disbanded because it's all a lie"

And...well...what are the episodes going to focus on? Psychic trio have visions of crime for 5 minutes, intro credits for 5 minutes, 20 minutes of grizzled veteran main character that doesn't quite agree with all of this sciencey stuff interfering with real police work looking through all the data and figuring out where to send the hover-cops, 5 minutes of hovercops duking it out with pre-criminal, 5 minutes of grizzled veteran being commended for his good work while he mutters that there's something not quite right about all of this...

For 12-24 episodes, with the cliffhanger in the final episode of season 1 being "there's something not quite right with this"

Oh, and the spunky/quirky/female sidekick, mostly added in as an afterthought because fuck diversity amirite?