Steve Niles' Futuristic City Of Dust Cops Keep You Safe From Thinking

Why does every future city feature a class system where the poorer you are, the lower in the city you live - literally? It's like our future is doomed to include the craziest kind of caste system. Steve Niles' new thrilling comic City Of Dust follows the Judge Dredd-esque Phillip Khrome, a jet pack riding cop who hunts down "criminals," tries them, and executes the court's order on the spot.From what I can see it reminds me of a much more graphic and scary Equilibrium. Check out the first 15 pages over at Comic Book Resources and watch two aristocrats get ripped limb from limb by a lower level creature and Khrome execute a man for cursing at a little child, or praying because in the future it's all the same. It sounds fun and Niles is good at delivering the big scare (30 Days Of Night) so I'm interested.


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