Steve Gildea's Stunning Planetary Suite Has Upgraded Pluto's Appearance

A couple of years ago, we were blown away by Steve Gildea’s work titled Planetary Suite: a sliver of each planet forming a single, wonderful image. There was one problem though: he didn’t know what Pluto looked like. Now, we do.

With new imagery from New Horizons, Gildea has gone and updated his Pluto panel, giving the Dwarf planet an updated look for the work as a whole. According to Gildea, “The original version, painted in 1992 was an educated guess. This one is based on New Horizons’ photographs.”


Here’s the updated version:

The original is in the possession of Merrimack College, but he does have prints for sale if you want one for your home, including the updated version. If there’s any drawback to this, it’s that Ceres can’t be included in the middle.

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