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Steve Eley, founder of the Escape Pod podcast, joins us to talk about the internet's most popular science fiction podcast and the promising future of audio fiction in this rerun of episode 7 of The Geek's Guide to the Galaxy.


The Geek's Guide to the Galaxy is hosted by John Joseph Adams and David Barr Kirtley.

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Read on for this episode's fabulous SHOW NOTES! (Note: Show note time signatures may be slightly off, as the show was re-edited prior to this rebroadcast—it's the director's cut! This episode originally aired on February 15, 2010, on


0:00 Introduction by

0:37 Dave and John introduce the show

Interview: Steve Eley, creator and host of Escape Pod*

[* At the time of our original broadcast, Steve was still editing and hosting Escape Pod; since then he's stepped down podcast veteran Mur Lafferty has taken his place.]

01:27 Interview begins

01:47 How Escape Pod began as a paying market, and convincing Steve's wife that he isn't insane


05:08 On fun in fiction and competing with other media for readers' time

08:28 Pairing narrators with stories

11:05 The pitfalls of adapting prose to audio

13:31 Recommended Escape Pod episodes: Connie, Maybe by Paul E. Martens, Mr. Penumbra's 24 Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan, Nightfall by Isaac Asimov


15:04 The Escape Pod message board, and how to not be a jerk on the internet

17:46 Escape Pod meetups

18:40 The creation of Podcastle and Pseudopod

22:38 Young adults and Escape Pod

23:55 Making the show personal

25:44 Intros and outros

27:15 The present and future of podcasting

30:03 Recommended fiction podcasts: Drabblecast, Decoder Ring Theater, Metamore City Podcast


32:22 End of interview

Dave and John talk about audio fiction

32:23 Dave talks about the history of audio from his frustrated childhood perspective


33:24 John and Dave talks about the audio explosion in SFF and the abomination that is the "abridged" version of any book

36:36 POV in audio books, a challenge for both narrator and listener

37:55 Vanilla narrations vs. ‘acted' narrations, and props to author Jack Kincaid, performer of GGG's intro and outro


42:03 Considering how the prose will be adapted to audio, and Dave talks about text-to-speech software as a writer's tool

45:27 The different experiences of reading vs. listening to a story, and attending readings


47:55 It's "ah-SHEEL," not "uh-KILL-eez": listeners' frustrations

51:08 How podcasting and the web have changed the author-reader relationship in short fiction


52:52 The shortage of audiobook reviews for SFF, and the recent availability of audio samples through sites such as SFFaudio

54:51 Availability of audio books, how and where to find them, and using Markable to rip audio books on cd


56:00 Proto-podcasts: Tell Tale Weekly, and Mech Muse

01:00:07 Recommended listening

01:14:48 Show wrap-up

Thanks for listening!


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