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Steve Buscemi Is God in the First Trailer for TBS Workplace Comedy Miracle Workers

God needs a haircut.
God needs a haircut.
Image: TBS

Not A god. THE God. Also, Daniel Radcliffe and Deadpool’s Karan Soni play the Big Guy’s angelic underlings, toiling in a corporation that stands in for Heaven. As the first full trailer for the TBS limited series suggests, it’s a bit of a dysfunctional workplace...and Earth is in serious trouble because of that.

Steve Buscemi as an out-of-touch, slacker God is comedy gold in the making, and the ensemble looks pretty endearing. It’s doubtful that any series will ever surpass The Good Place when it comes to tales of hijinks in the afterlife—but Miracle Workers looks like it has some very enjoyable potential.


Miracle Workers premieres February 12 on TBS.

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Man, who would believe “Heaven as a mismanaged bureaucracy” could be a played out subgenre - and yet, here we are.