Sterling Archer Reviewing Every James Bond Film Is as Delightful as You'd Expect

Illustration for article titled Sterling Archer Reviewing Every iJames Bond/i Film Is as Delightful as Youd Expect

Archer’s titular hero is either the greatest spy, or... the worst spy. Let’s be honest, it probably skews a little closer to the latter more often than not, much to our pleasure. But all that experience makes him the perfect person to review every James Bond film, in his own hilarious style.


Now, we’re usually not big fans of fictional characters being interviewed by actual media people, but having H. Jon Benjamin dole out quick synopses and likes and dislikes about Bond movies to Entertainment Weekly is an absolute stroke of genius.


I mean, any chance to get even a snifter of more Archer is good in our books, but hearing him crack jokes about the ridiculously inappropriate female character names (yes, “Pussy Galore” gets a mention) or George Lazenby’s ears is brilliant. You can check out the video above of select highlights, but head on over to the link to read Archer’s entire “review.” A welcome distraction while we wait for the show’s long anticipated return at the end of the month.

[Entertainment Weekly]

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Archer reviewing Bond?

That’s so stupid awesome, why did you even tell us about it?

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