Stephen King's The Mist Series Is Officially a Go at Spike TV

A scene from the 2007 big-screen adaptation of THE MIST.
A scene from the 2007 big-screen adaptation of THE MIST.

A TV series adaptation of Stephen King’s science fiction-horror novella The Mist has been in the works since at least September, and now there’s more news: it will be coming to Spike TV in 2017.


Variety reports that the network ordered a pilot in February but ended up greenlighting 10 hourlong episodes of the series even before the pilot was completed. (Must’ve been a hell of a pitch.) The show will be produced by TWC-Dimension TV, which—via The Weinstein Company—also produced Frank Darabont’s 2007 feature film take on The Mist. That version was notable for adding a much darker (some might say “emotionally scarring”) ending to King’s original tale.

Incidentally, Spike TV is also currently working on another adaptation aimed at genre fans: Kim Stanley Robinson’s science fiction classic Red Mars.

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Interesting. I wonder if this show will be a continuation of the original radio play’s ending where they all just drive off wondering how far the mist goes... or if they will try to stretch the movie content out.