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Stephen King Awarded National Medal Of Arts

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The White House has announced that author Stephen King will be one of ten recipients of this year’s National Medal of Arts. President Obama will present the award to this year’s recipients during a ceremony in the East Room on September 10th.


King was cited for his prolific work as an author:

Stephen King for his contributions as an author. One of the most popular and prolific writers of our time, Mr. King combines his remarkable storytelling with his sharp analysis of human nature. For decades, his works of horror, suspense, science fiction, and fantasy have terrified and delighted audiences around the world.


Other recipients include: John Baldessari, Visual Artist, Ping Chong, Theater Director, Choreographer, and Video and Installation Artist, (New York, NY), Miriam Colón, Actress, Theater Founder, and Director, The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation,

Sally Field, Actress and Filmmaker, Ann Hamilton, Visual Artist, Meredith Monk, Composer, Singer, and Performer, George Shirley, Tenor, University Musical Society, Performing Arts Presenter, and Tobias Wolff, Author and Educator.

The 2014 National Humanities Medal will also be presented at the ceremony.

King isn’t the first person creating speculative fiction to receive the award. Others who have been awarded the medal since its creation in 1984? George Lucas (2012), John Williams (2009), Stan Lee (2008), Ray Bradbury (2004), Maurice Sendak (1996) and James Earl Jones (1992).


[White House]

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And he has a new short story collection coming out.

Actually, I think the best thing to learn from him is discipline and hard work. He writes something every damned day and it adds up. You don’t get anything good if you don’t work at it.