Check out this sneak preview of The Hero Complex's Stephen King-inspired art show, titled "King for a Day." It's like being in a room with every single bad dream you've ever had. What fun!

The Hero Complex King show debuted in California today, and it includes gobs and gobs and gobs of gorgeous King-infused art. Artist we adore such as Martine Johanna, Sam Gilbey andZombie Yeti all contributed to this show. And perusing this preview collection, it's going to be very hard not to spend all of our money on these masterpieces. All the Pet Sematary stuff is just fantastic. NEED.


The exhibit opens Friday, March 21st in Los Angeles. For more information head over to the King For A Day Facebook page. Plus a portion of the the proceeds of this show will benefit Mr. King's charity of choice, The Haven Foundation.