Everybody keeps saying the Spider-Man musical is finally on track, but meanwhile there's a new alternative: Stephen King has teamed up with country-rocker John Mellencamp to create The Ghost Brothers of Darkland County, a play about ghosts and sibling rivalry.

According to a new AP article, the musical's been germinating for 11 years, since Mellencamp first floated the idea of a dark musical featuring "blue jeans music," and he told his agent he wanted a writer like King to write it. It turned out Mellencamp's agent was also King's agent, and he brought them together. Now it's finally ready to open in Atlanta's Alliance Theater next April.


King told AP: "We aimed at the idea of a small stage, a small cast and small tech requirements, sort of the anti-Spiderman." He added the play may come to New York eventually, but they're not thinking big for now. [Associated Press]