Stephen Hawking's ideas are easy to understand in this wonderful cartoon

Do you have a young one you'd like to introduce to the teachings of noted theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, or did A Brief History of Time just make your brain hurt? Then this short, educational and adorable animation from The Guardian is for you!


The brief cartoon explains black holes, singularities, the Big Bang and why Hawking is a total badass simply and efficiently, so that anyone can understand. Hopefully "Stephen Hawking's Ideas Made Simple" is going to be a recurring series, and this is just the first of many videos — you know, for the children! And, uh, science-challenged adults. Whoever they might be. Cough.

[Via Neatorama]

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The "Big Bang" theory predates Hawking by quite a while, so what is meant by the bit at the end where it says the idea that everything was at one time a single point came from Hawking?