The world's most famous astrophysicist now has a vastly improved view of the cosmos. He was recently visited by employees of Celestron, who installed an 11-inch telescope in his home. Hawking has quickly taken to the telescope and he's already posted some incredible images.

Earlier this week, Hawking posted the news and the pics at his Facebook page where he wrote:

I'm delighted to have a new toy: a telescope from Celestron Telescopes! Its 11-inch mirror is capable of resolving fine detail in galaxies millions of light years away. Two of Celestron's employees spent a few days teaching me how to capture images from the telescope and view them on my computer. Take a look at a few of my first shots. I'm looking forward to observing Pluto, the Pleiades, and the Andromeda Galaxy in the coming months.

Hawking has posted a close-up of the moon and some galaxies, including M42, the Orion Nebula, M81, Bode's Galaxy, and M82, the so-called Cigar Galaxy.

The telescope is equipped with remote operation, which allows Hawking to view the pictures he takes on his computer screen.

"Stephen Hawking has changed the way humanity looks at the universe," said Celestron CEO Dave Anderson in a Cambridge News article. "We at Celestron are honored that such an accomplished thinker is using our products to enhance his own understanding and appreciation of the cosmos."

He was able to capture these objects in such detail owing to the telescope's large mirror, which allows it to capture far more light than the human eye.

Check out more pics here.

Images: Stephen Hawking/Cambridge News/Facebook.