Stephen DeKnight finally reveals some more tantalizing details about his upcoming scifi war drama Incursion

It's been a long time since we've heard anything about Whedon alum Stephen DeKnight's scifi war TV series Incursion. With his series Spartacus set to end this weekend, he finally revealed some of what audiences will be in for.

First off, Incusrion will be centered around a heroine, a la Ripley from Aliens or Buffy. Second, each season of the show will be set on a different planet. Third, Starz hasn't officially picked up the series yet, but that's mostly because DeKnight is still making sure the visuals (especially the mysterious alien foes) will be up to snuff. Fourth, much like Spartacus, the show's world will be completely tolerant of same-sex couples —and DeKnight says he's exploring the possibility of adding polyamorous relationships, too.


But the show's focus won't be on the politics, bu the men and women fighting the war. As DeKnight told HuffPo:

"[It's] a hardcore military show that's [something] I feel like I haven't seen on TV. My approach to this show has always been, 'Let's tell a war story that just happens to be against aliens on other planets.'"

You can read more here.

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