Stephen Colbert has something to say to all of the scruffy-looking nerfherders who insist that the crossguard lightsaber in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer is impractical: he's been a Star Wars fan a whole two weeks longer than the rest of us and he's using his knowledge to school us on lightsaber design.

On last night's Colbert Report, Colbert took a look at the trailer and then unleashed his tongue on the people who criticizing the crossguard as a recipe for chopped-off hands. And in typical Colbert form, it highlights his nerdy fan knowledge. I can't wait to see the Star Wars debates that Colbert is sure to have when he takes over the Late Show.


Oh, and one of those anti-lightsaber remarks he's criticizing comes from our very own comments section. Nice to see Colbert is keeping us all on our toes, even if we're not 100% convinced of his "single blade" theory.

[via Gamma Squad]


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