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Stephen Colbert Was Exposed as a Westworld Host During the Emmys

Image: Kevin Winter / Getty Images
Image: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Westworld may not have won any Emmys on Sunday, but at least they had the emcee in their back pocket—and he was naked.


During the 69th annual Emmy Awards, event host Stephen Colbert short-circuited on stage, leading to a pre-taped segment where Westworld star Jeffrey Wright checked in to make sure that Colbert’s glitches weren’t the sign of a larger Emmys-hosting problem. This meant quizzing him about “violent delights,” checking out his rock-hard abs, and lowering his political setting. Also, a lowered drunkenness setting means that an exchange goes from angry and sarcastic to sincere.

All of this led to another surprise cameo by Tituss Burgess from The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, whose Titus Andromedon character apparently moonlights as a sexy, Mai Tai-drinking cowboy in Westworld. That I can absolutely get on board with. Giddy up. You can watch the clip below.


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