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Stephen Colbert Explains Star Wars To Non-Fans

Noted geek celebrity Stephen Colbert took to the late show last night, and pointed out a Wall Street Journal article about how Star Wars is relatively unknown in China.


To help them (and the non-Star Wars fans out there) figure out what the hype is about, he’s got a great description of what Star Wars is about in simple terms.


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Honestly, that was at least a little bit helpful. I’m potentially seeing the movie tomorrow and I had originally planned to re-watch the first trilogy beforehand (I was very young when they came out). But I’m just gonna go in cold—I don’t remember a damn thing besides who the main people are and their relationships with each other.

I haven’t even watched a trailer and or read much about it on io9 (which is kind of a miracle, actually). I still think it’s gonna be awesome.