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Starting today, lucky Guillermo del Toro fans who happen to be near the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) can visit “At Home With Monsters,” a new exhibit of props, artwork, and other horror and scifi-related items that have inspired him over the years. For everyone else, there’s Conan.


Specifically, there’s this five-minute video with Conan’s Andy Richter, touring the overflowing rooms of del Toro’s Bleak House with the man itself. It’s really more of a museum/creative space/muse-a-torium than a residence (“This would be a terrible house to be drunk in,” Richter observes)—and it is fantastic.

Good news: the collection at LACMA is touring, so a few other cities (and hopefully more... hint hint, San Francisco loves you, Guillermo!) will get a chance to feast their eyes upon the treasures he’s sharing from this amazing stash.


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