STD cupcakes could cure the worst sugar craving

Want to turn yourself off cupcakes once and for all? Pay a visit to The Evil Cake Shop, where fondant comes in boils, scabs, and genital warts. And these treats are meant to be enjoyed with your eyes open.

The Evil Cake Shop will be holding its second Eat Your Heart Out exhibition at the Pathology Museum at St. Bart's in London from October 26th-28th. They'll have tons of grotesque goodies on display, including polycystic kidney cake and lung cancer cookies. You can pre-order some of their sick snacks if you're in the mood for vertebra chocolates or fungus toenail cookies. Just be warned, the sight of all those sugary sores might just ruin your appetite.


STD Awareness Cupcake Set (NSFW) [Eat Your Heart Out via Oddity Central]


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