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Starting March 1, the Fuji-Q Highland theme park in Fujiyoshida, Japan will offer a hotel room based on the famed Gainax anime franchise Neon-Genesis Evangelion. For $450 a night, you can pretend you're a mecha pilot on vacation.


From Anime News Network:

The hotel room will feature an entry plug-shaped bed where guests can watch DVDs while lying on their backs. Guests can also wake up to a morning call exclusively recorded with the character Rei Ayanami's voice, and an interactive "voice touch panel" and telephone will emit comments in Rei's voice. Lines of dialogue and graphics will appear on the walls with the use of black light lamps, and there will be a statue of Rei as well as replicas of original Evangelion artwork and other features.


Good gravy, this means there just may be a market for my patent-pending Akira-based "Tetsuo loses his shit in a hospital room" theme suites! It will even have an animatronic milk-barfing toy car! Quick, give me all your venture capital!

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