Statue built on a glacier spotted drifting through the Arctic ocean

A group of Dutch artists built this gorgeous statue on an iceberg, knowing that the effects of climate change would break its icy pedestal off and send the statue floating through the Arctic. Now they're following it on its journey.

Designed by Dutch artist Ap Verheggen to evoke a dog sled team and its rider, the first sculpture placed on an iceberg in Uummannaq, Greenland by the cool(E)motion team is now floating free and clear in the Arctic. The intention of the installation is:

By creating a gigantic and unprecedented art project, cool(E)motion wants to re-engage the public on the topic of climate change. It wants to do so in a positive manner, contrary to the fault-finding impulses or the accusing finger. We will demonstrate the inextricable link between climate and culture and visualize what the consequences of that link are.


(Via Cool(E)motion)

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