Illustration for article titled Statstical Likelihood That John Hodgman Will Ever Send Me a Naked Picture of Himself

Some questions are so speculative that they cannot even be asked in science fiction. They can only be asked of experts like John Hodgman, author and comedian. Luckily, BoingBoing's Xeni Jardin recently asked if I had any such questions to ask of Hodgman. And, well, like all healthy nerds with a taste for the boys, my question was this: "What is the statistical likelihood that John Hodgman will ever do nude self-portraits (please include a related analytical chart)?" At last Hodgman has answered, with both a chart (pictured) and on BBTV, below. One question remains. What caused the precipitous drop in his "good evening" right at the end of last year? Click to view So we can be expecting naked Hodgman any day now. I, for one, welcome our naked Hodgman overlord. Also, I'm looking forward to his new book, More Information Than You Require. John Hodgman, More Information than You Need [via BoingBoing]


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