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Static Shock TV Series Finally Returns to DVD on March 28

Static, the best-known character from black-owned comics company Milestone Media, made the jump from paper comics to a TV cartoon called Static Shock back in 2000. There’s only been one six-episode DVD released for Static Shock, and that’s been very tough to find for years. Warner Bros is at long last releasing the entire first season on DVD next month.


Debuting seven years after the character’s print introduction, Static Shock ran for four seasons and was notable for being one of very few animated superhero series with a black lead character. Comics legend Dwayne McDuffie, a chief architect of Milestone and creator of Virgil Hawkins, a.k.a. Static, worked as a writer on the show, which crossed over with the Batman and Robin series. Hopefully, this is a sign that DC and Warner Bros. are prepping more news for Milestone 2.0 revival announced back in 2015. Static Shock: The Complete First Season comes out on March 28.

Video games. Comic books. Blackness.

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Awesome! I loved that show. That was back when I still bought comics weekly, but I had never picked up a Milestone comic before. (Admittedly, the comic was quite different from the show, but it was still very good.)