Static, the best-known character from black-owned comics company Milestone Media, made the jump from paper comics to a TV cartoon called Static Shock back in 2000. Thereā€™s only been one six-episode DVD released for Static Shock, and thatā€™s been very tough to find for years. Warner Bros is at long last releasing the entire first season on DVD next month.

Debuting seven years after the characterā€™s print introduction, Static Shock ran for four seasons and was notable for being one of very few animated superhero series with a black lead character. Comics legend Dwayne McDuffie, a chief architect of Milestone and creator of Virgil Hawkins, a.k.a. Static, worked as a writer on the show, which crossed over with the Batman and Robin series. Hopefully, this is a sign that DC and Warner Bros. are prepping more news for Milestone 2.0 revival announced back in 2015. Static Shock: The Complete First Season comes out on March 28.