Electrogenesis may not have the slick production values of some of the fan films we’ve seen, but what it lacks in budget, it makes up for with its story of Virgil Hawkins as a teacher who has left Static behind. But when a student comes to him for help, Virgil realizes the world may still need Static.

Harjus Singh directed this Static Shock fan film, which we enjoyed (even if we’re left wondering if Static Shock’s letter of recommendation has more weight than Virgil Hawkins’). Here’s the official description:

Our film follows Virgil Hawkins at a time where he is not Static. A time between being just a normal teenager and a leader within the Justice League. It’s a journey of a man who has forgotten his destiny, to his revival as the hero he was always meant to be.


It leaves us even more excited for the Static Shock webseries that’s on the horizon.

You can follow the team at @ReviveStatic.

Edit: Originally this post referred to the character as Static Shock rather than just Static. The title up top still refers to him as Static Shock to make it clear precisely who we’re talking about.

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