We haven't heard any news in ages about Incursion, the space-war TV show from Stephen DeKnight, who worked on Buffy and Smallville and masterminded Spartacus. So it's great news to hear that Starz is still moving forward, and the show is described as "Halo meets Band of Brothers."

The concept behind Incursion, as far as we understand it, is that every season the space marines will land on another planet, which will be filmed mostly on location — so one season an ice planet, the next a jungle planet. All in the pursuit of an ongoing war against some ruthless aliens. There are a ton of scripts already written, but nobody's been cast and nothing's been filmed. Why the hold up?


At the Television Critics Association panel, Starz president and CEO Chris Albrecht explained:

There’s been a lot of pre-production that’s been done. We’ve realized just how challenging this is just from a production standpoint. The description of ‘Band of Brothers meets Halo’ is really apt and comes with all the necessary command of resources that would need to be applied against it…It is in a slow pause just because we can’t go forward on a pilot that would not be affordable. We need to do a lot more work in the pilot phase.

Fingers crossed that they figure out a way to make this show affordable, because we need to see this now. [Screencrush]