For some of us, Kurt Vonnegut helped us fall in love with science fiction; for others, he brought us back to the genre after some time away from it. But few true lovers of the genre have missed the experience of reading one of Vonnegut's books and feeling the warmth, the cantankerousness and the inventiveness of a true innovator at work. And now Vonnegut is getting his own memorial library, opening November in Indianapolis. There will be a lecture series and possibly a literary magazine. And even more encouraging for struggling writers everywhere, Vonnegut's rejection slips. Says daughter Edie Vonnegut:

We have boxes of rejection letters, letters saying 'You have no talent and we suggest you give up writing.' He did not have an easy time of it, and I think for anyone who wants to be a writer it will be important for them to see how tough it was for him.

And just think, soon you'll be able to make a road trip to Indiana and take in the Vonnegut Library and the Kinsey Library in one swing. [Guardian]