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Starstruck Returns To Comics

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One of comics' best (if least-known) science fiction comics is set to make a long-awaited comeback this year, as IDW are bringing Elaine Lee and Mike Kaluta's Starstruck back into print... and it's not alone.


Starstruck started life as an off-Broadway play in 1980 before transferring to comics, along with its author Lee, two years later. A grandiose, funny and more than a little sexy space opera with beautiful illustrations by Kaluta, the series has skipped around various publishers throughout the years (Going from Heavy Metal to Marvel Comics, and then to Star Wars and Aliens publisher Dark Horse for awhile) before this new 13-part series was announced.

Accompanying Lee and Kaluta for this latest go-around will be painter Lee Moyer, whose work has appeared on the covers of books by people like Iain M. Banks and Marion Zimmer Bradley, and Charles Vess, who'll be helping Kaluta finish the artwork on the series' second strip, Galactic Girl Guides which features the futuristic version of everyone's favorite cookie sellers.

Illustration for article titled Starstruck Returns To Comics

Starstruck #1 will be released in August.

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Corpore Metal

Well, it's pretty clear the publishers know what draws them in: gratuitous butt shots of mostly naked women.