It's still one of the greatest magazines about science fiction of all time, and you can read Starlog for free over at the Internet Archive. The first issue includes a great look at Star Trek from the perspective of a mid-1970s fan, plus a look at how Space: 1999 is changing in its second season.

It's actually quite sad, given how Space: 1999 turned out in its second and final season, to read an article full of statements like, "Astonishingly enough, even though the show as it stands is a hit, the producers have undertaken a major overhaul for the show's second season. The changes suggest that the show's creators have grasped the shortcomings of Space: 1999 and intend to do something about them. If they do succeed, Space: 1999 might well become an excellent show." Sigh.


The whole thing is searchable, so you can see exactly what people were saying about your favorite shows and movies (and sometimes books) back in the day. And even though it's free, you can always make a donation to the Internet Archive to support all their work preserving our digital heritage. [via Darren Werschler]

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