We're eagerly waiting to find out more about the Lucian Alliance on Stargate Universe, since they were the bandits that forced the Destiny crew to flee in the first place. And new casting pages reveal a villain and a rebel.

We uncovered two new character sides for the first episode of the show's second season. As we learned a while a go with SGU, their casting sides aren't always 100% guaranteed to be the final script for the episode, and are often changed around to protect plot lines. But there are still some clues in each script.


The first casting slide is for a character named Ginn, a female science officer. Ginn is talking to Darlene, which is not a "real name" except for in Roseanne, so lets assume it's actually a different character from the show. They are both in an interview room talking about what the Lucian Alliance wants with the Destiny.

Ginn is trying to explain how cruel the "warlord" Lucians are, so she never really knows what they want, and tells the story about how they burned down the food in her land and sold her people "addictive crops." Which is a pretty clever manipulation tool. This officer was later forced into the Lucian army, so even though she is "one of them," she hates them. And so do the rest of her crew members who stowed away on the Destiny.

But we digress - apparently, the Lucians see the Destiny as a tool, that dates back to their ancient legends. This Destiny was a key to harnessing the power of the Gods, but they didn't know it was an actual ship until much later. Hence why the Lucian Alliance wants it.


Then there is a lot of talk about the lack of food. So it looks like the Destiny's crewmembers still haven't figured out how to grow/produce their own supplies yet. Either way, Ginn sounds like one tough character, and we're excited to meet her and the rest of the Lucian Alliance, loyal or not.

The second casting side is for Simeon. Who we mentioned last week as a possible new bad guy. Simeon's script pages reveal a coarse character, who loves pushing everyone's buttons. Although we're not really sure why his actions are making everyone so uncomfortable, we can only assume it's because he is part of the Lucian Alliance. But whether or not he's defected remains to be seen.


In this scene Simeon is going back and forth with Riggs - you remember, the eternally pissed off character. Riggs doesn't want Simeon talking to "Jen," and Jen is just kind of getting in the way. The two end up in each other's faces and an exhausted Simeon exclaims that he feels like a prisoner on the Destiny or somewhere, where the Destiny crew is holding him hostage. Which Riggs says is the point. Perhaps this is another member of Ginn's misfit Lucian team. Either way, we like that he doesn't back down easily. And screams things like, "you can tell me what to do," and "You don't know who you are dealing with!"

Then there is another Simeon scene with "Morrison." Morrison appears to be his captor or terrified underling that won't eat food Simeon's given him unless Simeon bits into it too. Quizzing him about being on the fabled Destiny, Simeon gets mysteriously diabolical. Clearly he hasn't been aboard yet and has a serious desire to. In fact he says he'll kill Morrison if he can't make the "connection" to the Destiny. Is this character the Lucian Rush?