Stargate Universe's Season 2 trailer is packed with spoilers

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Ready to find out what's happening to the good ship Destiny? Well then watch the season two trailer, which premiered at the SGU panel at comic con. You won't believe who is still alive, kissing, and crying like a baby.

Did you catch all that? Rush and Chloe — surely there's some hot stoning action going on there. Plus it looks like Eli is getting a new lady, good for him. And was that Young I saw crying? Oh dear. Color us excited — the new season looks pretty intense! The first episode airs on September 28, 2010.


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At 0:30: Are those flamethrowers? 0.0 Really?

Y'mean, in the emergency evacuation of the base in the pilot episode, someone thought it prudent to bring along the flamethrowers? And some extra chalk for Rush and Chloe to do some wall equations, too?

And yet Eli is still stuck in his "You Are Here" T-shirt?

This show really likes to stretch its credibility to the brink sometimes. Good thing I'm not one to nitpick too much. I'll just enjoy the ride.