Stargate Universe's "Destiny" is revealed

Will the good ship Destiny ever find its way through space, or at least a semi-permanent home for its crew of misfits? A sneak peek at the Vancouver set revealed a big spoiler for Stargate Universe's second mid-season finale!

Scifi's Australian website took a set tour while the cast of SGU was filming the second season. The reporter on set just happened to glance at a call sheet for the finale of the second mid-season. And this was what they saw:

"Wray sees an alien ship swoop up and over The Destiny."

"Eli sees a holographic image of a battlefield."

"A sea of wrecked ships."

Of course, the site didn't reveal everything that they saw, but they implied that there was going to be a giant space battle with an "armada" of alien spaceships. And they've heard that the Destiny has a mission of "cosmic importance" that the whole crew will eventually band together on. This task is more important than trying to find a way home, but completing this mission just might allow our heroes to get home anyway.


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