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A whole mess of status updates for Stargate Universe are coming in over the wire. There may even be a pilot script from Brad Wright and Robert Cooper by the end of the year — which kind of makes sense, since all the episodes for Stargate Atlantis are done shooting. More Universe details await you.According to Sci Fi Wire, episode ideas are starting to generate and the producers are ready to start crackin' the whip in the writers' room. The idea behind this small crew trapped forever on the ancient ship, the Destiny, is simple and will easily open the doors for the standard serial format. But more importantly, this is a crew of young beginners. So hopefully we'll be getting a lot more lovin' from this young crew than from previous gates. Who is going to take the lead:

MGM and SCI FI have already begun batting around casting ideas for Universe, although they haven't shared information about what the roles will be or which actors are being considered. Yet.


Production could start as early as the beginning of 2009 with the two-hour premiere that summer. [Sci Fi]

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