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Even as fans wonder how Sci Fi's next Stargate series will manage to channel both BSG and Lost, the show has already started principal photography. Just in time to save us from gate withdrawal.


According to the trusty Gateworld site:

The third live-action Stargate series is off and running! Principal photography for Stargate Universe began today at The Bridge Studios in Vancouver, British Columbia.


That was posted yesterday, which means it's really happening, maybe even right now. Stargate Universe follows a team (with some civilian types) that get trapped on board a ship built by the Ancients called Destiny. They are then forced to go wherever Destiny goes, through different galaxies.

My personal favorite casting thus far are Robert Carlyle, and David Blue from Ugly Betty as the lazy genius. But there are still two more spots on the crew left to be filled: Captain Tamara Jon and Chloe Walker. Any ideas who should step up?


Some of our commenters suggested Miley and Zac, but let's be real - neither of those two actors have the creative depth to carry out a whole SG episode. On the other hand, it would jibe with the show's whole theme of young explorers (plus Carlyle) trapped outside our own galaxy. Picture from Hedgeworth - thank you for being so darn creative.

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