Stargate Universe Gets The Green Light

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While I'm still wearing bulky gear all week in mourning for the cancellation of Stargate Atlantis, for every Wraith cloud there is a silver lining. A new spin-off show, Stargate Universe, has gotten the greenlight from the Sci Fi Channel. So we can expect a big 2-hour premiere in 2009, followed by a regular series. Click through for more information about Stargate Universe and the crew of the Destiny. Yes, the ship is called Destiny, what did you expect? It's Stargate - cheese is its bread and butter. The Hollywood Reporter claims that this Stargate will have a lot more space action aboard this ancient ship. Also, Destiny is programmed to take them across the galaxy, and they can't return home. Also, this series will be taking a deeper look into the origins of the Stargates. But the best part is some of the cast will be "known" actors. Now, if they're talking about known actors in actual Hollywood, it could be anyone. Richard Dead Anderson was hugely successful in SG-1. But if they're talking about Stargate actors, my guess is McKay, because I always want more Rodney McKay. SCI FI president Dave Howe is aiming for a younger audience with this series saying:

"This is an opportunity to reinvent this franchise and make it relevant to a new generation," he said. "We really don't want to be more of the same. It's going to build clearly off the existing franchise but with a cast that gives it a younger vibe."


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Stargate: On the Cheap coming soon to your local cable or satellite system.

They're rebooting this to keep the franchise but with probably half the budget. Notice how the storyline allows NO GUEST APPEARANCES by any actor that might cost more than 10 dollars (i.e. Michael Shanks or Richard Dean Anderson).

That's all this is about. Sci Fi already had small budgets, they're paring them down further. Expect smaller series runs as this keeps the actors on the show from demanding pay increases. You'd be surprised how much SG-1 cost near the end as compared to the beginning - quite a difference. SGA didn't cost nearly as much as its end, but still that's too much for Sci Fi.

They believe they can have the same type of shows without any commitment to the actors. This is the Disney model. They shoot X number of shows with [fill in the blank] teen. If the teen becomes famous, they don't pay out an extra cent. They have already shot tons of episodes that they have banked and will slowly release over a few years. They then find another unknown and cheap kid actor.

This is what Sci Fi wants to do. Now you'll notice the problem with this is that we're not nine-years-old. But TV executives think they can do this on the adult level and they're going to try. Which is why Sci Fi is becoming such a lousy outlet.