Image: MGM.
Image: MGM.

MGM’s mysterious Comic-Con announcement about the future of the Stargate franchise had fans eager to see if there would be news of a new TV show, or an update on the attempt to bring the franchise back to film. Instead, fans got something they probably never expected: a prequel made up of a series of web shorts.

Each episode in the 10-part series—which will follow Catherine Langford, the daughter of the archaeologist who first discovered the Stargates, as she goes on a journey across space to protect Earth from a catastrophic threat—will be just 10 minutes long. And, stop me if you’ve heard this before, the series will form an exclusive part of MGM’s new Stargate-branded online streaming service, Stargate Command.

Yes, between Star Trek: Discovery and DC’s Titans, it’s all the rage these days to build increasingly granular streaming platforms around beloved properties. But at least CBS All Access and DC’s future service have a bit of a broader scope that just being Star Trek or Teen Titans-based services. MGM wants Command to become its exclusive online hub for Stargate, whether that’s news, streaming episodes of the shows, or there web shorts.


Maybe Origins will pave the way to something much bigger, in the vein of something like what Discovery wants to do for the early days of Star Trek. But would you be willing to pay for another new subscription service just to wait and see?

Stargate: Origins and Stargate Command are set to launch later this year.

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